Giveaway: Live like no one else!

live like no one else necklace and envelope system wallet

I’ve been so excited to share this giveaway with you! When I agreed to contribute a Divide-It Wallet this week for a “favorite things” series by my friends Kristin & Kendra at As You Wish Design, they offered a necklace for one of my readers to win. I mentioned that it would probably go over big […]

Amazon Universal Wish List Tutorial

Amazon Universal Wish List Tutorial

The Amazon Wish List has been around for a long time, but did you know there’s a way to add items from any website to your wish lists? It’s called the Amazon Universal Wish List, and it’s super easy to use. All you have to do is drag the button from this Amazon page to […]

My Favorite No-Cost Budgeting Resources

My Fav orite Budget-Related Resources | A Time for Everything

I thought it might be advantageous to keep a list of my favorite free budgeting resources–apps, printables, calculators, reference information, etc. So I will start it in this post and eventually create a separate page with a running list that I’ll update periodically. For Reference The Seven Baby Steps | Dave Ramsey Dave Guide to […]

BETSI App for Editing Etsy Listings

31 Days 20

Editing Etsy listings is not difficult, but the multiple steps can be time-consuming. The BETSI app makes it so easy and quick to tweak listings and make the changes live with just a couple of clicks. Plus it allows for bulk editing of several or even all of your listings at once, which is something […]

Etsy Snippets Save Convo Time

31 Days 19 Etsy Snippets

Etsy Snippets are a feature that can save a lot of time when communicating with customers. If you’re repeatedly asked the same questions or need to request the same information from customers, snippets are the way to go. They are saved bits of text that are easily accessible within your Etsy account and can be […]